Following our previous Blog post relating to their successes in earlier rounds of the competition, student from the University of Liverpool last night produced a barnstorming late comeback to triumph over Bristol University in the first quarter final of University Challenge.

The Liverpool team, which included Ben Mawdsley from Southport and captain Declan Crew from Liverpool, won last nights episode of the BBC Two show with a score of 175 to 115.

Liverpool had triumphed over Glasgow and Sheffield in previous rounds but had to fight back as Bristol took an early lead.

Bristol were ahead with just five minutes to go but questions on fossils, the anatomy of fish and the ratio of a photon to its frequency put the Liverpool team back on top and at the end they were 60 points ahead.

The University of Liverpool team must now compete in a second quarter final.

And there were warmer words for the four from famously irritable host Jeremy Paxman after they incurred his wrath in the last round when trying to identity lines from war poems.

At the gong signalling the end of the show he told them: “Liverpool, you like living dangerously don’t you? Congratulations to you. You’ve got to win one more to go through to the semi finals.”

Finers crossed the put the University of Liverpool on the map for something other than Medication, Level or The Raz!