Millions of pounds of funding at Liverpool’s universities could be at risk thanks to Brexit.
The city’s four universities and Edge Hill in Ormskirk also have thousands of students and staff who come from EU countries.
This could be in danger when Britain leaves the EU following the shock referendum result.
The University of Liverpool especially could lose further still because it banks on EU cash for 13% of its research funding.
This was worth £49m between 2007 and 2013.
Also, 30% of the university’s academic staff come from European counties.
The impact of Brexit is still not clear and no-one yet knows what restrictions may be placed on EU students’ and academics’ ability to travel to Britain.
Liverpool Hope University took £3.5m of EU cash between 2010 and 2016, plus 837 students from member states over this period.
There are another 256 EU students currently studying at Edge Hill, plus 123 from countries in the EU or European economic area at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.
Figures for Liverpool John Moores University have not yet been released.
All in all Brexit = Bad Times for our cities Universities and their pockets! - On the plus side though, those roomers about Nandos leaving the UK turned out to be a load of rubbish! Time for a “cheeky” medium spiced half chicken anyone?